About Us

LogistiCore International Inc. is a privately held, Canadian owned company, that provides professional logistics services. Headquartered in Mississauga, ON, LogistiCore is one of the leading international logistics service providers and consultants, with the knowledge and acumen to move cargos globally by all means of transportation from ocean, air, to ground.

Our approach is simple and proven,

  • Know the market
  • Understand customers, their business needs and requirements
  • Correlate the requirements with the accurate and professional service
  • Handle each project by a dedicated and professional team

Since its establishment, LogistiCore has been delivering proven professional services. With all our services offering and support we provide our customers the peace of mind they need.

We offer:

  • A dependable network of container lines
  • Access across US/Canada
  • A broad network of competitive trucking service providers
  • Shipment tracking services